• Linepipe & Process Pipe

    Linepipe for Oil & Gas Pipelines and Offshore structural applications, with special coatings if required. The range of Pipe on offer is suitable for the most extreme and inhospitable of environments.

    The process industry requires a specific range of Pipe, Fittings, Flanges & Valves that are capable of processing Oil at high temperature and high pressures. We offer a diverse range of materials from Carbon Steel through to Nickel Alloys which ensure we are in a position to meet the wide ranging demands of our customers.

  • Power & Refining Pipe

    As the worldwide demand for energy continues to increase, such high temperature and high-pressure activities call for special Chrome Moly steels.

    The comprehensive range we offer of Pipe, Fittings and Flanges in Grades from P11 (1 1/4% Cr) thru to Grade P91 (9% Cr) satisfy the demanding applications detailed below.

  • Specialty Pipe

    The various Specifications and Grades in this section have properties which offer ideal resistance to corrosion and metal stress at high temperatures.

    Depending on the process we can easily advise the most suitable specification for the final application.